Saturday, August 21, 2010


Wormser Dom in 1832

Gerold I of VINZGAU
Imma of ALLEMANIA - Duchess of Swabia
"Gerold of Vinzgouw (730-799) was an Alamannian nobleman, serving the Frankish
King as Margrave of the Avarian March and Prefect of Bavaria. Gerold played a
significant role in the integration of Bavaria into the Frankish Kingdom. Being related to
the family of the Agilofings, he was appointed Prefect of Bavaria after the deposition of
Duke Tassilo III in 788. In 784 generous donations to the monastery of Lorsch by
Gerold and Emma are recorded.
In 799 he fell in a battle against the Avars, a short while after his son Eric was killed by
the treachery of the same. He was succeeded by his surviving sons Gerold II and
Udalrich I. In 757, he married Emma or Imma (730–789), daughter of Hnabi, Duke of
Alamannia. Gerold is reckoned as the founder of the family of the Udalrichians.

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