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Dartmoor, Lydford Gorge DevonCounties, Channel Isles E.A.Sweetman

Plym Bridge, Devon Peacock c.1904

Richard COFFIN
born - England - Portledge, Devonshire 1505
died - England - Merifield, Cornwall 1526
married - England - Awlington, Devonshire 24 DEC 1555
born - England - Merifield, Cornwall 1495
died - England - Awlington, Devonshire 13 JUN 1569
1. Anne COFFIN 1526
2. Christian COFFIN 1528
3. Elizabeth COFFIN 1530
4. Johanna COFFIN 1532
5. Margaret COFFIN 1534
6. John COFFIN 1536
7. Edward COFFIN 1538
8. James COFFIN 1540
9.William COFFIN 1542

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Monday, September 07, 2009

" From this town," says Risdon, " the origin of the Chudleighs began." Sir W. Pole (d. 1636), after
remarking that Chudleigh was the ancient possession of the bishops of Exeter, observes, " and came
unto the famyly of Chidlegh, & dispersed & sold amongst the tenats & others, by John Chidley, father of
Sr. George. The name of the famyly of Chidlegh took their originall from this place, where they dwelled
in their own land, wch Sr. George Chudlegh yeat hath." The Chudleigh family, of Ashton, may have
been originally from Chudleigh, and may have possessed land there, but they never had the manor; it
passed direct at the alienation from the Bishops of Exeter to Thomas Bridges, who appears to have
sold a great deal of it off, in parts and parcels, soon after he became possessed of it."

Devon - History of Chudleigh - Chapter 8:"
Saturday, December 26, 2009

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