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Historic Jamestowne seen from the James River Ferry
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Jamestown - Second Supply

born - England - Derbyshire,London - 1 APR 1584
died - Virginia - Accomac Co 1635
married - 1610
Katherine CROSHAW
born -England 1593
died - Virginia - Accomac Co - 24 MAY 1636
1. John GRAVES - ,England - Kent - 1611
2 .Thomas GRAVES - England - 1616
3. Verlinda GRAVES - Virginia - 1618
4. Ann GRAVES C. 1620
5. Katherine GRAVES 1622
6. Francis GRAVES - Virginia 1630

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born - England - Lamborne, Berkshire 1 Apr 1584
died - Virginia - Accomack Co 31 Jul 1653
married - Ireland 1610
Katherine CROSHAW
born - Ireland 1586 or England - Gravesend, Kent 1592
died - Virginia - Accomack Co 24 May 1636
1. John Graves - England - Lamborne, Berkshire 1615
2.Thomas Graves - England - 1607
3. Verlinda Cotton Graves VA - Accomack, Accomac County 1618
4.Frances Graves - England - Lamborne, Berkshire 1619
5. Ann Cotton Graves VA - Charles, Accomac County 1620
6. Katherine Graves b: 1624 in Jamestown, Accomac County, VA
7. Elizabeth Anna Graves - England - Lamborne, Berkshire 1621
8. Francis Graves VA - Accomack, Accomac County 1630
9.Virginia Graves - England 1623

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Thomas Graves - Captain Esquire II
born - England - Lambourn, Berkshire or London or Derbyshire 01 APR 1584
died - Virginia - Accomack Co 1635
Katherine Croshaw or Elizabeth
born - England - Lambourn, Berkshire 1593
died - Virginia - Old Plantation, Accomac, Accomack - 24 MAY 1636
1. John Graves - England - Lambourn, Berkshire 1611
2. Thomas Graves Captain III - England - Kent 1617
3. Verlinda Graves - England - Lambourn, Berkshire 1618
4. Anne Graves - England - Lambourn, Berkshire 1620
5. Katherine Graves - Ireland - 1621
6. Francis Graves

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Raleigh Croshaw - Captain
born - England - Crawshaw, Lancashire - 1570
"Immigration: England > Jamestown, Virginia 1608"
"Arrived in Jamestown in 1608 on the ship ?Mary and Margaret? with Capt.
Thomas Graves."
died - Virginia - Elizabeth City 22 NOV 1624 or 13 MAR 1624
married -
Ursula Daniels
born - England - Yorkshire 1576
died -
1.Katherine Croshaw - England - Lambourn, Berkshire 1593
2. Richard Croshaw 1596
3. Joseph Burgess Croshaw : 1610 in Brurton Parish, York, Virginia

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Joseph Croshaw - Major
born - Ireland 1560 - 1561
died - Virginia - York Co
married -
born -
died -
1.Raleigh Croshaw - Captain

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Raleigh Croshaw
born - England - Lancashire - 1540
died -
married -
born -
died -
1. Joseph Croshaw
2. Richard Croshaw

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Katherine CROSHAW

"Very little is known about Katherine, wife of Capt. Thomas Graves. Her maiden name may
have been Croshaw. (There was a Raleigh Chroshaw, Gent., who arrived with the second
supply with Thomas Graves.) Just when she came to Virginia is not recorded. She and her
children are not included in the 1625 census of the Eastern Shore, although Capt. Thomas
Graves is." --Graves Family Association

"On 9 Aug. 1637, John Graves patented 600 acres in Elizabeth City County near the upper
end of the Back River, "due in right of descent upon his father Thomas Graves who
transported at his own costs himself, Katherine Graves, his wife, sons John Graves, the
patentee, and Thomas Graves, Jr., and 8 persons, Henry Singleton, Thomas Edge, Robert
Phillips, Thomas Griggs, Thomas Phillips, Francis White, William Symber, Jone Packett."
This patent is proof that Capt. Thomas Graves did not bring his family until after 1616, for
had they come earlier they would all have been "Ancient Planters" and entitled to 100 acres
each instead of 50 acres. This patent was near the lands of Capt. Adam Thoroughgood
and east of the dwelling of Ohner Van Kirk. In 1638 and 1639 he received additional
patents." --Graves Family Association"

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Thomas Graves - Captain Esquire II
Katherine Croshaw or Elizabeth
"[Susanne Graves.ged]

Arrived in Virginia on the ?Mary & Margaret? with Raleigh Croshaw in October1608, with
Capt. Christopher Newport?s second supply. Thomas GRAVES was one of the original
Adventurers (stockholders) of the Virginia Co. of London, and one of the very early planters
(settlers) who founded Jamestown, James City Co., Virginia, the first permanent English
settlement in North America. ?Thomas GRAVE? is listed on pg 364, Records of the Virginia
Co. of London, Vol IV. Regarding the title of ?Captain?, which is attached to Thomas
GRAVES in Virginia historical records, he had no such designation in the charter of 1609
wherein all the Adventurers of the Virginia Co. are listed, and is shown by Capt. John Smith
on his arrival in Virginia simply as ?Thomas GRAVES, Gent.? Thus it appears that he
acquired the title of Captain after arriving in Virginia. Thomas GRAVES early b ecame active
in the affairs of the infant colony. On an exploring expedition, he was captured by Indians
and taken to Opechancanough. Thomas Savage, who had come to Virginia with the first
supply on the ?John & Francis? in 1608, was sent to rescue him, which he did
successfully. In 1609, the ?starving time? reduced the population of about 500 to no more
than 60 men, women and children.
In 1609, he returned to England where he married and fathered John and Thomas, then
returned to Virginia prior to 1617. By 1616 the colony had a total population of only 351, of
whom 81 were farmers or tenants. In 1617, the Virginia Co., hoping to expand the
population and agricultural production in the colony, encouraged private or voluntary
associations organized on a joint stock basis to establish settlements in the area of the
Company?s patent. The Society of Smith?s (or Smythe?s) Hundred (later called
Southampton Hundred) was organized in 1617, and Capt. Thomas GRAVES? name
appears as a member. Soon after April 29, 1619, Gov. Yeardly wrote to Sir Edwin Sandys:
?I have entreated Capt. Graves, an antient officer of this company, to take charge of the
people and worker.?
Capt GRAVES was a member of the First Legislative Assembly in America and, with Mr.
Walter Shelley, sat for Smythe?s Hundred when they met at Jamestown on 30 Jul 1619.
The timne of Capt GRAVES? removal to the Eastern Shore is now known. It was, however,
after Aug 1619, since he was then a representative from Smthe?s 100 to the first meeting
of the House of Burgesses. It was also prior to 1623, for ?a list of names of the Living in
Virginia, 16 Feb 1623? shows Thomas GRAVES ?at the Eastern Shore?.
His patent for 200 acres on the Eastern Shore is of record 14 Mar 1628 (Patent Book No 1,
pg 72, Land Registrar?s Office, Richmond, VA). In the Census of Feb 1625, Capt Thomas
GRAVES was one of only 51 people then living on the Eastern Shore. He was put in charge
of the direction of local affairs later in 1625. In 1632 he, with others, was appointed a
commissioner ?for the plantation of Acchowmacke?. He was one of the Burgesses to the
Assembly, representing Accomac, for the 1629-30 session as well as the 1632 session.
He attended many of the meetings of the Commissioners, but he was absent from 30 Dec
1632 until 23 Oct 1633. It appears he was out of the country.
The old Hungars Episcopal Church is located about 7 miles N of Eastville on the north
side of Hungars Creek. Hungars Parish was made soon after the county was established
and the first minister was Rev. William Cotton. The first vestry was appointed 1635, and the
first vestry meeting was held 29 Sept 1635 at which Capt Thomas GRAVES headed the list
of those present.
Capt GRAVES died between Nov 1635 when he was witness to a deed, and 5 Jan 1636
when suit was entered against a servant to Mrs. GRAVES. (Adventurers of Purse and
Person, pp 188-189). His birthdate is not known, but is believed to be about 1580.
Since Capt GRAVES had been active in the affairs of Virginia from his arrival, the absence
of any mention of him during certain periods indicates that he had returned to England.
This also confirmed the patents issued to him and to others in which he is mentioned. Mrs.
Hiden states, ?even a cursory reading of Northampton (Accomack) records reveals how
frequent were the trips to England, Ireland, Holland, and New England? of those living on
the Eastern Shore. Mrs. Hiden also states, ?we know from the land patents that Capt.
Thomas GRAVES made several trips out of the country, to England presumably, and on
one of his return voyages his family accompanied him ?.
After 15 years of studying the early records of Virginia, reviewing the analyses of other
researchers, and applying reasoning, Miss Louise GRAVES arrived at the following
conclusion: Thomas GRAVES was unmarried when he arrived in Virginia in 1608. He was
young and adventure was probably the reason for him coming to Virginia. He was
obviously educated and of some ?social status? and financial means, and a leader. She
thinks he returned to England possibly in Oct of 1609, either on the same ship as Capt
John Smith (who left Virginia for England for treatment of wounds resulting from an
explosion), or on one of the other 7 ships which arrived in Virginia in Aug 1609....Her guess
is that he then married in England ab out 1610, fathered John and Thomas GRAVES,
remained in England for several years, and returned to Virginia prior to the formation of
Smythe?s 100 in 1617, or possibly a little later. It is known that he was ?entreated to take
charge of the people and workers? at Smythe?s 100 in April 1619, and was there then.
Also, there is no record of his being in Virginia after the meeting of the Burgesses in
Jul-Aug 1619 until he is shown as living on the Eastern Shore in 1623. It seems
reasonable that he was in England at the time of the Indian Massacre of March 1622,, and
upon returning to Virginia settled on the Eastern Shore where it was less perilous to live.
The fact that he fathered 3 children, the girls, during this period certainly lends support to
his being in England. (This information was copied from WFT Vol 1, CD)
He appeared on the census in 1624 in Eastern Shore, VA, which shows 73 persons there.
[Mark W Ballard.ged]
Raleigh Croshaw and Thomas Graves were on the "Mary & Margrett" in the second supply
to Jamestown in 1608"

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1608 Settler of Jamestown, Virginia, and His Descendants (ca. 1580-2008)

"Second Supply" list

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